["API"] "Ads Platform International"
   "Worldwide Advertising Platform"

On the advertising platform, in each city, in each field of activity, there is only one advertising space,
and this means that everyone who took this place is beyond competition.

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the competition in their business and take scarce, exclusive, high-demand spots on the advertising platform.

"Client" pays and borrows 2in1
"block" + "board" = "blockboard"

"block" - block (place, cell).
In the country, city and field of activity, there is only one ad unit for which there are many applicants.

"board" - a board (web poster, web stand, etc.)
on which, like a mini-site, flyer, booklet, leaflet, etc. its advertising information is located.
The board is indexed in search engines and has a link that the user can distribute.

the fact that the client occupies the only, exclusive, scarce place
which can always be resold because it is the only one in the area in this field of activity.

the fact that the client receives a personal manager to help in the person of the one who invited him, who is very interested
help the client because the manager always receives income from all his payments.

the fact that the client can pay for 120 months for $ 600, that is, he will receive services for $ 600 as a gift !!!

Anyone can invite other people to the advertising platform, they are permanently attached to the platform as his invitees
and from each of their payments, 20% is always charged (10% with bonus points and 10% with gifts).