“Provider” - company  "SET" Smart Elive Technologies

"Platform" - the website of the provider located at https://api24.info, consisting of the functionality and technologies created within its framework.

“User” - a person who has an account on the “Platform” and uses its functionality.

“Registration” - filling out the registration form located on the website by specifying the required information.

"Personal data" - the data of the user, which he provides during registration or in the process of using the site.

“Regulatory documents” - documents approved by the provider governing the provider's relations with users, located on the website in the appropriate sections - “Acceptance”, “Privacy Policy”, etc.


The provider does not make a refund due to the fact that:

1. The user making the payment reserves a "block-board" (place, cell) on the platform, which means that:
- "block-board" becomes unavailable for others wishing to borrow it.
- the user has a clear understanding, firm intention and his own desire to pay.

2. Each user receives an account and all related services, server loads, mailing, CRM system functioning and much more, which means that the service was provided.

3. In the case when the user no longer needs the paid and provided service, and he wants to reimburse his costs, he can re-register (resell) his account to any other natural person.

An account transfer request must be submitted to support.
For correct delivery and processing of a request, it must contain:
1) description of the reason;
2) data of the account owner who wants to transfer the account;
   - e-mail;
   - Full name.;
   - phone number.
3) data of the future account owner who wants to accept the account;
   - e-mail;
   - Full name.;
   - phone number.

Each request is considered carefully and privately, so the approval for renewal takes from 1 to 3 days.